Sustainable Tourism Awards

The Skål International Sustainable Tourism Awards are geared towards enhancing the visibility and grant recognition to entities from the Travel and Tourism industry.


As an Affiliated Member of UN Tourism, whose mission is to promote reliable, sustainable, and universally accessible Tourism, Skål International created the Sustainable Tourism Awards following the United Nations declaration of 2002, to spotlight best practices globally.

UN Tourism & Skål International

Skål International and UN Tourism continue joining forces to give a greater dimension to these awards, which Skål International has been awarding since 2002.

Skål International has adopted the  UN Tourism Global Code of Ethics in Tourism  and supports the ST-EP initiative (Sustainable Tourism-Eliminating Poverty). Skål International is also affiliated with other important international organizations including  PATA IIPT The Code ECPAT  and  WTTC  among others.

Who can apply for these Awards and Conditions


Skål International Sustainable Tourism Awards are open annually to all public and private sector companies, educational institutions, NGOs, and government agencies related to tourism worldwide.

All sustainable initiatives and activities presented must be implemented and in operation. Projects that are yet not in operation are not eligible.

Entries  must be endorsed by a Skål Club or National Committee to qualify for participation (except Government Bodies).  

Participants can submit only one entry.

The application form must be completed in English.

Available categories:

  • Accessible Tourism
  • Accommodation
  • Community and Government Projects
  • Educational and Social Programmes
  • Land and Marine Biodiversity
  • Major Tourist Attractions
  • Tour Operators-Travel Agents
  • Touristic Mobility 




31 august


17 october
awards ceremony


Why should you enter these Awards?

  • To enhance visibility and get recognition for your outstanding performance in terms of sustainable and responsible tourism.

  • To increase your contacts and introduce your products and services to professionals from the tourism industry from all over the world.

  • To obtain media coverage among the entire Skål membership worldwide and our international press contacts.

  •  To collect the award in person and experience the Skål World Congress networking sessions and friendship atmosphere.

Participants 2024

  Have a look at the high quality of our participants and more information on the 2024 edition here

Awards Ceremony

The winners of the Sustainable Tourism Awards will be officially announced during the 2024 Skål International World Congress to be held in Izmir, Türkiye, from 16 to 21 October.

The winners will be invited to personally collect the trophy during the Awards Ceremony. Skål International will cover the cost of a specific package consisting of: attendance at the Skål World Congress Get-Together Party (16 October), accommodation at one of the Congress hotels, and lunch after the Awards Ceremony (17 October).  Travel expenses are excluded.

20th Anniversary

Sustainable Tourism Awards (2022)


As a leading international organisation in the Travel and Tourism industry, Skål International has proven to be a strong force for the initiation of change and the encouragement of environmental conservation for both Travel and Tourism progress.

For 23 years, Skål International has recognized best practices in Sustainable and Responsible Tourism around the world.

The call for entries has concluded and is now closed. Independent judges will proceed with the evaluation until 31 August.

Thank to all the participants for their interest and we wish them good luck!

Special Skål Biosphere Award 2024

For sixth consecutive year, Skål International is partnering with Biosphere© and the Responsible Tourism Institute to give the 'Skål Biosphere Sustainable Special Award' to each of the winners of the Sustainable Tourism Awards.

The winners will be selected based on the Responsible Tourism Institute's sustainability pillars. Biosphere© will present each winner with a one-year free subscription to the Biosphere Sustainable platform, where the winner will be able to create their own personalized Sustainability Plan for continuous improvement and recognition of the efforts of their companies or organisations.

If the lucky winners are companies in any of the categories, they will be entitled to receive a free annual subscription to Biosphere Sustainable; and in the case of being a DMO, exclusive access to the Biosphere platform for destinations, allowing them to start aligning their territorial projects with the 2030 Agenda.